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  • Grow Your Traffic, Sales & Business in One Session

    Over 2,000 Hours of Teaching Delivered to Students Across The Globe


    Once heralded as the "God of SEO" Charles is one of the most well known names in the SEO Industry and has continually released massive SEO case studies that have quite literally changed the face of the industry and popularized certain techniques and tactics.

    Traffic Generation

    Weather you're looking to do a full content marketing campaign or just looking to bolster your current social media traffic, Charles has strategies he's personally deployed across hundreds of clients over the last few years.

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Looking to convert more visitors into buyers? Charles has done tens of projects involving hundreds of A/B versions!

    Pay Per Click

    Weather it was paving the way with a new Facebook Ads technique or exploiting holes in Google Adwords, Charles has continually delivered techniques and campaigns for hundreds of clients across the world, and in over 10 different languages.

  • James Dooley, Soft Surfaces LTD

    "Best Investment I've Spent This Year"

    "I have had the pleasure of having Charles Floate in our office with my team last two days and been an absolute pleasure because he has gone round to each member to develop skills, save time, train techniques, introduce tools and completely structure the strategies to the business in a way where we can scale the whole process out. Money well spent and anyone looking to properly grow a company in internet marketing should try to get him in because truly thankful of the time and effort he has put in."


    - James Dooley, Soft Surfaces LTD

  • About Me

    "7 Years in SEO, always pushing the limits"

    Charles Floate

    19 Year Old British Internet Marketing Consultant

    Charles has been an internet marketer for over 7 years now, pushing the limits of every part of the SEO industry. 

    Charles is a well known and highly trusted SEO who has been in the industry for years now. Charles is know for delving into the technical side of social media marketing, online tracking, security as well as web & business development.​

  • "I'm dealing with blue chip clients on a daily basis"

    "Well Charles, what can I say? Bravo. Well done. Not only have you changed my life for the better you have changed my family members life and also several clients who are now straight killing their niche. Being in SEO for only 8 months I have been able to quit my job and work less hours at a digital marketing agency. I'm dealing with blue chip clients on a daily basis and scaling link building campaigns and outreach like crazy. It all started with a comment on your blog back in November 2013, basically asking you if you wanted to go for a coffee with me. Little did I know just 6 months later, I would have made over 5 figures applying the techniques and tips you gave me on that day. We talked and talked for several hours about life goals and keeping motivated; you pointed me in the right direction to go ahead and forge my path in this industry. I can’t thank you enough."


    - James Gregory, Third Digital

  • Consulting FAQ

    What's Involved In A Consultancy Session with Charles?


    Before The Session

    Before we ever jump into a Skype call, anywhere near a microphone.. I ask you to prepare a set of questions or send me an email detailing what you'd like to get from the session. This means I can come to the consultancy session with the very best resources and ideas prepared to help you and grow your business.

    The Session 

    Skype, Phone or even at your Offices

    You can select from one of the many ways I can deliver my lessons to you, and once we've jumped into the session, we'll systematically go through what you want me to cover. I'll make sure to provide notes and links (for further learning) throughout the session, or if I'm with you in person, then I'll prepare a document after the day has concluded, for you to reference even when I'm gone.

    The Conclusion

    A Final Round-Up

    Once the session is coming to an end, I'll provide you with a complete round-up of what we covered, as well as make sure to pass over any notes or further learning resources.

  • What Kind of Consulting Do You Offer?

    I specialize in SEO, but cover all levels of Traffic Generation.

    SEO Consultancy 

    I've been in the SEO Industry for over 7 years, I also founded one of the world's biggest SEO Blogs, God of SEO which has since won multiple awards, has tens of thousands of subscribers and a huge, and growing fanbase.

    Content Marketing Consultancy 

    I've done numerous content marketing strategies for companies all over the globe. You can check out one of these strategies in the form of a case study here.

    Traffic Generation Consultancy

    Whether you're looking to get traffic from Reddit, Facebook PPC or Rankings in Google, I can build custom strategies for your business with you.

  • What Am I Trying To Rank This Page For?

    There's several related words this page has that I'm trying to rank it for in Google.

    Search Engine Marketing Consultant

    My main specialty, and what I'm most well known for: SEO. I've delivered over 1,000 teaching hours of SEO and I continually get testimonials from the lessons provided.

    Marketing Consultant

    Bit more of a generic keyword, but it's got over 6,600 monthly searches.. and that's just in the good ol' US of A.

    Email Marketing Consultant

    I've managed to grow my own blog's email list to over 17,000 subscribers in an industry that doesn't have all that many followers anyway. I've also successfully helped grow the subscriber lists of tens of companies blogs with my traffic generation strategies.

    Digital Marketing Consultant & Digital Marketing Consultants

    Again, more generic keywords but it's got a pretty big monthly search count and I'm sure the traffic would convert well.

    Website Marketing Consultant

    Low monthly searches, but apparently it's more favoured in the UK to search for this than the USA.

    Online Marketing Consultant & Online Marketing Consultants

    Even more generic keywords, however these are highly related to my page and should be fairly easy to rank for.. Especially with this parasite skills I have.

    Internet Marketing Consultant & Internet Marketing Consultants

    Just a one word edit of the above keywords, but you have to target every keyword you can, right?

    Search Engine Optimization Consultant

    And we're back to the top once again.. My bread and butter: SEO.